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We are your very own team of property marketing specialists. We cater to estate agents, architects, interior designers, bars, hotels and restaurants to produce professional property, architectural and interior photography. We operate in and around London and Cornwall.

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Our team is made of highly skilled in-house photographers with a knowledgeable and friendly admin team. We understand what is desirable for estate agent photography and shoot with that in mind.

We produce photography in a unique style that allows us to return the fully edited photos the same day as the shoot, ensuring you can get your photos live as soon as possible.

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Floor Plans

A property floor plan allows prospective buyers a chance to view the layout of your property. 
We measure and produce floor plans according to RICS guidelines, and all work is covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Each of our photographers is trained in drawing and measuring floor plans, so they can be done on the same visit.

Digital Dressing

Digitally fill your space with any furniture you want and help give that extra nudge to your clients.

We can fill an empty and vacant property with suitable furnishing to match the style of the property.

We can also replace the current furniture in a photo with something more suited to your tastes.


Virtual Tours

The latest in showing off your property! This allow your clients to explore your property from the comfort of their own home.

We use EyeSpy360 which means you can connect to the virtual tour at the same time as your client and talk them through the property in real time. 

We can create beautiful 360 virtual tours and hand over the finished product the next working day.


An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is required by law when selling or letting your property.


It allows prospective tenants and buyers to work out how energy efficient their potential new house is, and therefore work out how much it is going to cost them to run.

We are happy to provide EPCs as a service.

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Lease Plans

We can offer Land Registry compliant lease and title plans - an absolute must-have in the property marketing industry.

Whether you need to change a current lease or get a new one completely, we're happy to offer lease plans as a service.  

Fire & Asbestos Reports

Fire and Asbestos reports are essential in the buying and selling of property. We can offer comprehensive reports for residential and commercial properties. Along with the fire reports we offer 360 virtual tours of buildings, focusing on communal areas and fire escapes.

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Staff Headshots

Whether you're not a fan of your current photo, or you've got some new starters who need one, we've got you covered.

We produce incredible high-quality staff headshots either at our studio, on location or at your office.



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Tips on
staging your

In order to get your property looking as good as possible, we’ve put together some tips to help with staging for a photoshoot. We generally don’t shoot hallways (unless requested), so feel free to store items in a hallway if you don’t have enough room.

1. Hide or store any washing. This includes any piles of dirty laundry, laundry bags, strewn clothes and washing that’s hanging on a clothes horse or radiator.

2. Remove any cleaning utensils. Hand soaps, washing up liquid, anti-bacterial gel, cloths, squeegees, toothbrushes and tea towels can all be hidden in cupboards or in sinks.

3. Kitchens and bathrooms should be free of fabric and crockery. This includes towels, bath mats, oven mitts, kitchen roll, toilet paper, mugs, cups and plates. An exception to this is well-presented crockery and napkins on a dining table if you choose to do so.

4. Straighten out bed sheets and cushions. This also goes for sofa cushions, upholstery and table cloths. 

5. TVs should be off. Cupboard doors should be closed. Wires should be tucked away as neatly as possible. Surfaces should be cleaned and wiped down.


Who We Are

Photographers, designers, floor planners and administrators extraordinaire. All round passionate and professional people who know how to throw a good party.


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